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K-Cups Are So Last Year

There are always fads going on with every kind of product, and coffee lovers go through these phases along with everyone else. Coffee fads get more people to drink coffee, and they get sales to go up. But not all coffee fads should be followed by those who really love coffee or consider themselves coffee aficionados. Not all coffee fads last for long, and not all fads are popular because of great tasting coffee. There are some that just stick around for a while and then go out, such as K-Cups. They were okay for a while, and they got a lot of new people to try coffee for the first time, but K-Cups are so last year. They are a fad that has quickly faded as people realized they simply produce a crappy cup of coffee regardless of which k-cup brand you purchase. And, while K-Cups are coming to an end, coffee lovers should be looking toward the future. What should our coffee habits be this year? What should we be drinking?

Well, there is one kind of coffee product that you can’t go wrong with. K-Cups have faded into the background and will soon be forgotten but this type of coffee never will be. At least, not by those who truly appreciate the drink. The kind of coffee that never goes out of style and that tastes better than any other is any kind of specialty roast coffee. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Blue Bottle Coffee and Intelligentsia are just a few of the brands that roast the best coffee beans. Most specialty roasters will ship their coffee nationwide, however you can also search for specialty roasters in your area. This will not only ensure freshly roasted coffee and fast delivery, but you will also be supporting your local companies. Most of these specialty roasters also offer fair trade coffee, organic coffee, and other special features you can’t often find at your local grocery store.

So, if you are so over the fad of K-Cups, then you might be looking for something new to try. And, if you are looking for something new to try, then specialty roasters are just the thing for you. With specialty roasters you will get good, quality coffee that you can purchase for yourself for years to come. This isn’t something that is going to fade away. This is a kind of coffee that is going to last. It will be appreciated by all coffee lovers for a long time to come.