Many people buy ethically sourced coffee online due to knowledge about the coffee industry and the pursuit of good quality coffee. Over 40 million pounds of coffee that is served around the world has to meet strict guidelines. There are environmental and economic guidelines that coffee growers must meet. Even the best supermarket coffee beans typically do not meet these requirements.

Examples of Ethically Sourced Coffee

  • Intelligentsia Coffee is located in three cities in the US. They are Chicago, Los Angles, and New York. There motto is that great coffee should be accessible and democratic. Coffees come from remote parts of the world that have great environmental conditions to grow coffee. They work closely with coffee growers and farmers to grow the best coffee around. They grow a variety of single origin coffees from Bolivia, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Their coffee is sold online.
  • Blue Bottle in Oakland California uses only the most responsibly source beans. They have a network of cafes, wholesale vendors, and a few vintage German coffee roasters. The company only sell coffee that is 48 hours out of the roaster. They believe aging coffee give it more flavor. They sell coffee from Hawaii, Brazil, Columbia, Africa and other locations. Blue Bottle sells their coffee online.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters owners traveled over several years to coffee growers around the world in their quest for quality ethically based coffee. They work with farmers offering financial help and education to bring customers the best coffee they can provide. They have cafes in Portland, Seattle, New York and downtown LA. Their coffee suppliers are from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. Stumptown Coffee Roasters sell single origin and mixed blends of coffee online.
  • DOMA Coffee Roasting Company located in Idaho runs an environmentally focused business with cafes in North Idaho, Brooklyn, Washington, Montana, and Utah. They belong to a cooperative of about 23 roasters that participate in Fair Trade and using ethical roasting practices. The company purchases coffee directly from the farmers. They use a roaster that cuts use of gas about 80 percent when compared to other coffee roasting machines. These coffees comes from Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia. They sell coffee online.