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Coffee Trends from the Past Decade

Over the last decade, coffee has been the most consumed product globally and has undergone various trends in consumer preferences, economic situation, and market improvements all based on coffee trends. It is said to be consumed anytime, anywhere and fit consumption on many occasions by all ages, gender, and status. So many innovations are currently being introduced to coffee products in terms of prices, format, flavors, variety, and convenience, which makes the consumers prefer more of it in most of their occasions. They mostly prefer ground coffee followed by instant then ready to drink. Single-cup-pods and whole bean coffee follows in the consumption list, and all these flavors come in specialty coffee roasters that make consumers look into their sustainability, local production, and the transparency food systems they go through.

Coffee Trends: Brand Roasters

Brand roasters such as Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle Coffee, Stumptown, and Verve are in turn looking at the importance putting their strategies on marketing materials, retail packaging, in blogs, and through engaged baristas. Despite all this, more consumers are still looking beyond the labeling or brands and are more interested in specific sourcing and purchasing practices for the roasters. As a result, the roasters are responding with Direct Trade, Relationship Coffee and other tools that give authentic, transparent, socially responsible, and sustainable business practices. Specialty roasters are popping up in just about every state, as you might imagine, with unexpected places topping the charts with excellent coffee. For example, the Coffee Roasters Minneapolis has to offer are among the top in the nation. Watch out Cali and New York!

Coffee Trends: The Young vs. The Aged

Most people take coffee every morning and considering young adults take coffee as their preferred energizer or a stimulant throughout their day or studies, this significantly contributes to the increase in consumption of coffee among households. The young consumers do not to bother about the brand or flavor, which is unlike the older customers who prefer particular flavors and put more of their attention on brands. This trend makes the roasters compete in making quality coffee with an increased range of flavors to attract more sales.

Another discovery in roaster brands is that some consumers prefer light roasted coffee hence the reason recent surveys are showing consumers, especially women want their coffee lightly roasted, which makes roaster manufacturers to make their coffee at different ranges to meet every consumer needs. Most specialty coffee roasters offer light, medium, and dark roast coffees.